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Latkes and
 Potato Pancakes

We will create an assortment of individually-sized sweet treats perfect for impressing your special Valentine. Includes hands-on and demonstration. No special chocolate or baking skills will be needed. 


• Apricot Jewels

• Bourbon Sugarplums

• Cranberry Bark

• Brownie Truffles

Sweet Treats for
Valentine's Day

Previous Kitchen Wisdom Classes

All classes include both Hands-on and Demonstration teaching. Of course you get to sample everything we make. You'll leave the class with recipes, tons of tips and kitchen wisdom and packaging ideas. Want to go home and test your new skills? Tote bags with the ingredients to prepare the recipes will be available.   Private and small group classes can also be arranged.  Want to learn how to prepare something and you don't see it below?  Ask me!

Crackers! Crackers! 

Homemade Crackers!  They are one of the easiest things to make and so much fun.  Fresh, crispy crackers in under 30 minutes. You will learn master recipes that you can customize.  


We will make at least three of the following:

• Wine & Herb Crackers

• Crispy Seed Crackers

• Master Cracker

• Yeasty Cracker


Bread Baking 101
San Jose Woman's Club
5:00pm-8:00pm - 3 hours

Challah, or Jewish Egg Bread, is a staple in my home.  It is a perfect bread for beginners since it is very forgiving. It is also one of the most versatile doughs you can find.  It makes beautiful loaves or braids, the best burger buns you've had, and a Cinnamon Twist Braid that tastes incredible and looks even better.  Bonus - the best French Toast you've ever had.


• Challah

• Cinnamon Twist Braid

• Herb Bread/Rolls

•Bread Baking Tips and Resources

Bread Baking Basics
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Sourdough bread from a starter is so much easier to make than most people imagine. We will go through all the steps to make a sourdough loaf, from making and feeding the starter, bread machine vs mixer vs hand kneading, shaping, and baking. This class is for beginners and experienced bakers who want to learn about my "No Fear" bread baking method.

Future Classes
 • Vegan Baking                • Latkes, Knish and 
 • Knife Skills                         other Jewish foods
 • Marshmallows               • Your Suggestions??
 • Dairy Free 
Bread Basics
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Farrell's Kitchen comes to you!


Tell me what you or your group wants to learn.

 I'll bring the supplies and equipment and we will cook and bake together. 

Afternoon, evening and weekends available.

Call or email Farrell 

The Perfect Latkes are potato pancakes, fried until crispy brown on the outside and creamy on the inside. Farrell's Perfect Latkes can be made Gluten-Free. 

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