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Cook, Baker, Kitchen Wise Woman, Allergy Specialist, Recipe Resource


Cooking and baking are at the center of my life.  A shy child, I found the comfort and safety of being with my mother and aunt in the kitchen irresistible.  Along with chopping and stirring, I soaked up as much knowledge as possible from these stellar cooks. Over the last 35 years I have studied and enhanced my knowledge. I am known as a Resource to friends and family, and am regularly asked for advice and recipes. I have an insatiable need to understand the "why" as well as the "how".


Challenged with dealing with complex food allergies within my family I have become an expert at modifying recipes to fit most allergy situations.

I am happiest when sharing my love for and insights about everything food.   Among my friends and neighbors, I have become the kitchen wise woman, particularly when adapting a recipe for specific palates, and baking bread. I find great joy in sharing and talking about ingredients and kitchen techniques.


My food interests are varied and I  am skilled in many cuisines. My personal savory favorites include homemade Fried Chicken and Biscuits hot from the oven, Brisket with Roasted Vegetables, Chicken Enchiladas with homemade Roasted Chili Sauce,  Mediterranean Kebabs with Basmati Pilaf and Homemade Pizza Night.  Additional favorites include traditional Jewish foods such as Challah, Kugels, Rugelach, Honey Cake and Latkes!  


Those who attend my classes will learn new recipes, find unique ways to look at old recipes and learn a few kitchen tricks. 

Join me at one of my courses and let’s explore how to make treats, crackers, bake breads and sweets, as well as prepare  savory foods.  I look forward to meeting you and becoming a resource for your kitchen questions.

My alter ego during the day is as an elementary school  Librarian.  I've lived in downtown San Jose for over 30 years.

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